Travelling with Children

Parenting is not only confined in the four corners of the house but also when planning to go outside of your residence to spend some quality time with the kids. More importantly, keeping the tots within our sight is highly recommended when travelling to far places within our country and most especially for international flights. Negligence will always result in injuries, accidents and even death of very young children. Remember that there are a lot of things that may catch their attention and the space where they can roam around is so huge. Incidents of kidnapping or child trafficking happen only in a matter of minutes when a child is out of your sight. This article will hopefully assist parents on what to do when travelling with children and whom to call for assistance during cases of accidents or emergencies.

Always keep track of your child

It is vital that parents carry their children when they’re still toddlers or the best option is the use of baby strollers or carriers when they’re younger than two years old. Do not be overconfident with school-aged children because they usually want to separate from the group when they see something interesting along the way to a bus or a train station. Make sure you hold them by their right or left hand and make certain that you grip them not so loose and not so tight. Hold them normally or put your arms on their shoulders for them to keep them safe and warm. In case you’re on a station or an airport, allow them to move or play just within your sight or distance.

Give older kids your contact details or information

When kids are capable of reading or writing, they’ll surely appreciate giving them your address or phone number as a matter of safety precaution. If it’s possible that they memorize your home number, tell them what to do and where to go in case that they’ll get lost. It is the wisest decision to make when kids are unintentionally separated from their parents while going on a trip.

Travel with basic medicines

A change in environment or in temperature could possibly cause chilling, fever, cough or colds especially to children below seven years old, who are prone to feel sick and are sensitive during extreme weather conditions involving too much heat, precipitation, and humidity in a particular area. It really pays to be ready during such situations.

Prepare personal and special needs

Aside from providing hankies or towels to our children to wipe their mouth or nose right after salivating or sneezing, parents should also consider bringing extra disposable, and fragrant diapers including moist baby wipes to clean and sanitize their hands or any important part of the body. This will prevent a foul odor or a bad smell caused by vomiting or defecating.

Bring surprises and other cool food stuff

It’s normal for kids to have temper tantrums, especially when feeling a little sick, bored or hungry. Give them something to munch or chew since it will surely give them a temporary comfort while traveling. Just make sure they’re low in sugar or moderate in chocolate content in order to discourage the possibility of hyperactivity.