Planning your bucket list vacations

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It’s everybody’s dream to go around the world. By just plainly thinking of the places you will visit and the kind of food you will experience for the very first time, your energy soars up to its maximum level. Add to that the opportunity of learning a few phrases of a unique language and the chance to meet different people with seemingly peculiar culture or tradition. It’s a package full of other surprises waiting for you to open. Getting everything ready for the trip becomes a stepping stone to conquer a whole new and astonishing world.

In planning your bucket list of vacations, a lot of things have to be kept in mind. Organizing several trips at a time does not only requires money but also enough time to iron out things along the way. Plus, there a lot of regulations one must adhere to prevent violations of security and safety issues. Being stranded in immigration because of a simple violation will defeat your purpose of exploring the rest of the world because some unforeseen circumstances, whether intentional or not,  will possibly blacklist a tourist from entering a certain country. To avoid these problems in the future, here are a few, easy to follow, friendly reminders:

Start with the moral and spiritual side

Putting God first in everything that you do is the most effective way of travelling or in having multiple vacations at a time. We don’t own anything in this world, and it’s only when we call on our Creator to guide us along the way and protect us from all harm and danger that we’ll be able to have a lasting peace of mind while we enjoy His bounty.

Take things one at a time

The best advice that an expert traveller can give is not to overload your itinerary with things that may hinder your journey. It is often recommended to schedule your trips according to the availability of services like public transportation and freight-handling. This way, you’ll never have to wait longer for a vehicle to take you to your destination or personally carry your luggage to a bus or train station.

Prepare necessary travel documents

Experienced travellers often have multiple passports issued to them by immigration offices around the globe. Make sure that if you go from one country to another, all your identity documents and boarding requirements are with you to avoid delays.

Keep your personal belongings safe

Before you proceed on travelling domestic or international flights, make sure that you hold or keep very important things close to you with either a belt bag or a customized sling bag which you can place on your chest or lap while travelling. Any slight movement of hands can be easily detected even when you’re half asleep along the way.

Purchase a travel insurance

This is an added safety protocol in case of accidents or mishaps on the road. Insurance companies pay for whatever physical or material damage that may be incurred during the stages of your journey. Some insurance companies also safeguard and protect passengers even in their untimely demise.

Choose a comfortable route or itinerary

Travellers often use maps and other guides or directories to easily locate significant places or landmarks during their travel to a particular country of interest. It is definitely practical to know where you go and what to expect upon arrival.

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